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A solar panel is a photovoltaic cell where light energy is transformed into electrical energy. PROJECT
Here I’m showing how to make one simple solar panel using unused break down transistor. The chosen transistor is NPN metallic TO-3 package. The below picture shows its image. 

Remove the transistor metallic TO-3 package top cover 


The small silicon chip inside the able to produce photovolatge when exposed to sunlight and in the cell the emitter becomes the positive terminal and the collector becomes the negative terminal.

Ok we get 286.6mV one transistor..

The cell produced open circuit voltage of 0.1 - 0.5 volts which is normal but it produced closed circuit current of only 5ma which is too little to be used in any applications. To light a bright white LED we need minimum 10-15mA current and the panel produced only 0.2mA which is not enough.
250mV x 10 = 2500mV  need 10 transistor in series . 

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