2m 144MHZ - 146MHZ RECEIVER  

                        Her I am use MC3357 / LA1186  in this 2m Receiver  
 This experiment was done when I was a SWL lesson 145.625MHz Repeater / 145.650MHz Repeater  59 Signal Repot With my Home brew ground plan Antenna 10 feet height  Excellent Sensitivity without preamp . Local osc are very stable when I on Rx 2min in drift +- 50 kHz and get very stable in 24 hrs.
This Receiver good perform for SWL / Ham operators / Monitor 2m band.


Includes Oscillator, Mixer, Limiting Amplifier, Quadrature Discriminator,
Active Filter, Squelch, Scan Control, and Mute Switch.
• Excellent Sensitivity: Input Limiting Voltage – (– 3.0 dB) = 5.0 mV (Typical)
• Low Number of External Parts Required

LA1186 Features and Functions

• Contains RF amplifier, MIX, OSC, AFC diode
• Operating voltage: 1.8 to 8.0V.
• Improvement in cross modulation characteristic due to the use of double-balanced MIX.
• Improvement in strong input characteristic.
• Less spurious radiation from local OSC.
• TV (1 to 12 channel) receive capability.


PCB side Size . H50.8mm / 103.33mm 

Component side Size . H50.8mm / 103.33mm

Her the sample video 


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  2. Excellent work, Gayan. Keep up the good work, you are a fine experimenter.


  3. http://www.qsl.net/4s6ara/pro6.html

    "The 1st IF is fed to the Motorola MC3361 IC which is having Dual IF stages. By using a 10.245MHz crystal at the oscillator of this IC, the incoming 10.7MHz signal is converted to 455KHz. (MC3357 can also be used. But I found that MC3361 is twice as sensitive than MC3357 and has less external parts)"

    I designed this tested and published on RSSL News letter as well. Many HAMs started building this later on and found that this combination is superb and low cost. I'm happy that you have built this and enjoying it. Must congratulate on your presentation of the project

    Nalaka 4S7NMM

  4. is work very well i can copy yati repetitor 57 in panadua
    I am SWL Roy

  5. Thanks for the info.
    Works fine and is of good quality.
    Thank you very much indeed.

  6. Hi,
    i want to build this little receiver but can you tell me the values for R2 and R3 on the 10.7 P.PA Board ?
    Francis Ellis

  7. Hallo everybody in here I had been trying to download the full artickel file ,25 times but it is not posibel fore me ,anyway I want to make this great resiver but I need a full list off all components you are using to build this resiver is there any one in here there can help me ,,my Email is robertfuture@gmail.com feel free to send a list to me ,then I will be very happy ,,anyway I want to use this resiver on a HB9CV antenna fore fox hunting here in Denmark,,,73 Robert...


  8. I have the whole article in pdf. Who needs to send e-mail. My email is romaorocha@gmail.com

  9. Dear Gayan,
    Good morning.
    This is Kyaw from Myanmar(Burma).
    It is very much helpful article for me.
    May I ask, Can LA1186 replace with TA7358ap directly?
    Please reply in favor.
    The n Rgs.

  10. Dear Gayan,
    This is Kyaw from Myanmar(Burma).
    Really ths for your very much helpful article.
    May I ask, Can LA1186 replace directly with TA7358ap?
    Because I could not find LA1186 here in Myanmar.
    Please reply in favor.

    With Ths n Rgs